What's sensoNet?

sensoNet is an open source solution based on Arduino open hardware to create probes collecting physical data (sensors) and on Emerginov to build a backbone federating data coming from Arduino's sensors.
This backbone provides a SOA framework based on REST web services to interact with sensors.
Communication between backbone and probes is based on SMS exchanges.


Show me resources!

Browse all resources managed by sensoNet!
On FireFox, install: And just browse!
Hummm.... oh! yes!..... The source code.......It's here!.

Getting started

  1. Assemble your probe:
  2. Write the probe code using the Sensonet library
  3. Start it
  4. Browse it!

API? do you mean SOA for devices?

sensoNet also provide REST Full API to manage sensor networks and interact with probes....
You can for example subscribe to events notifications, reboot a probe, enabled or disable sensors and more.......
Well.... you may find a complete description of this API or if you fill luck or if you're already "sensoNet infected" have a look to the API calls memento